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Rumba’s Café: Cuban Cuisine

January 21, 2015 5:05 pm

The rumba, of course, is the exotic and romantic dance that was first performed in Cuba in the late 19th century. This fantastic Jersey City restaurant captures the spice of the islands and has drawn raves from diners who visit again and again. The first thing you’ll notice is low prices – a huge Cuban sandwich, loaded with sliced ham, roast pork, cheese and pickles for a mere three dollars? You can’t find a deal like that anywhere in town. The rest of the menu is equally affordable, with nothing on the entire menu coming up over six bucks. Specials vary by the day, but they’re all very worthwhile. Get the yucca rellena – balls of cassava filled with ground meat and fried. They’re spectacular. Ropa vieja, one of the signature dishes of Cuban cuisine, is executed to absolute perfection here. Service is fast and friendly and the atmosphere is unpretentious and fun.

Rumba’s Café
513 Central Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07307
(201) 216-9655

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Arbonne Detox/Clean Eating Workshop

January 20, 2015 3:57 pm

We are so excited to share that one of our residents will be starting up a new detox and clean eating group on ​Monday, February 2nd!

​If you're ready to shed those pesky holiday pounds, kick cravings and create new habits – you'll love this program! ​It will be a closed Facebook group and email group with meal plans, recipes, and support. It's a great way to learn how to eat clean and it's totally family-friendly! (And convenient!) ​

There will be an informational workshop and tasting on Tuesday, January 27th at 6:30pm, in the Alexan Clubroom at Windsor at Liberty House, where you can learn more. If you are interested in attending, please email Anna at annarowley.arbonne@gmail.com!

There are several different levels in the group, depending on how much effort you are wanting to put into your clean eating lifestyle and personal goals. So, no matter what your interest level is, send Anna an email for more details!

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2015!!

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3 Ways to Make a Great First Impression

January 14, 2015 5:04 pm

The old adage is true: You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Because the saying rings true in both social and professional situations, it's helpful to remember a few key pieces of advice when meeting new people. Here are three handy tips:

1) Dress to impress.
Wear clothing that's appropriate for the occasion. Doing so will help bolster your confidence, which will, in turn, be relayed to the other party. If you're headed for a job interview, accessorize minimally, and be sure that your hair and nails appear well-groomed.

2) Be aware of your body language.
Whether you're at a cocktail party or interviewing for a job, crossed arms tell the other people in the room that you're unavailable for conversation. Similarly, excessive fidgeting, slouching, and avoiding eye contact signal that you're anxious and lacking confidence. Sit up tall (just like Mom used to advise!) and smile warmly when warranted by conversation.

3) Don't talk too much.
This might seem counterintuitive when meeting new people, but steamrolling conversation can make you seem self-absorbed. If you find that you tend to ramble when nervous, remind yourself to ask plenty of questions about the other person. This will show that you're truly interested in getting to know them. Offer information about yourself when asked.

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