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How to Warm Up and Cool Down Before and After a Workout

February 26, 2015 7:36 pm

Warming up and cooling down is just as important as the working out that you do in between if you want to prevent cramping and maximize your results. Pushing your body to its maximum exertion without any warning is never good, but these simple and effective tips will help you to gradually prepare for exercise and come down from it once you’re finished.

  1. Go for a walk. If you’re an avid runner or power walker, walking is a simple yet effective way to warm up for your workout. Walking briskly for 10 minutes will get your heart rate up enough for an afternoon run, while walking slowly for 10 minutes is enough for a long walk.
  2. Do your chosen activity at a slower pace. Whether you’re preparing for a cycling class or some cardio kickboxing, leave enough time to do that same activity for a few gentle minutes beforehand.
  3. Reduce your heart rate. To cool down after a cardio workout, walk slowly for as long as it takes for your heart rate to gradually return to normal.
  4. Stretch. Stretching is most effective when your muscles are already warmed up, particularly after your exercise. Hold each stretch for about 30 seconds and avoid bouncing or jerking in order to gently reach your full range of motion.

How to Warm Up And Cool Down [Quick and Dirty Tips]
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Hollow Nickel Offers Craft Beer and Gastropub Fare

February 18, 2015 5:03 pm

The Hollow Nickel Case may be little-known, but for the founders of the Hollow Nickel restaurant in Brooklyn, it is an important part of the nation's history. It takes place in 1953, an era when espionage was a reality—and a fear. A Brooklyn paper boy dropped a nickel, one he felt wasn't quite heavy enough to be authentic, and it cracked open, spilling out a microfilm linked to the KGB, the U.S. atomic program, and the navy.

Although the founders of Brooklyn's the Hollow Nickel named their restaurant after this story, there's nothing mysterious about their menu. It contains a slew of crafts beers and American gastropub fare—not to mention wine and liquor. Dig into a plate of chicken wings or a quesadilla, sip on a cocktail, or grab a beer and enjoy it in the sunny and spacious backyard at Hollow Nickel not far from Hudson County.

Hollow Nickel
494 Atlantic Avenue
New York, NY 11217
(347) 236–3417

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Congratulations – Olivia is Our Big Winner!!

February 16, 2015 9:11 pm

Congratulations to Miss Olivia for getting the most "Likes" in our Cutest Pet Contest!!

She gets an awesome gift basket from Canine Canteen! A super big Thank You to all of our contestants!! The pictures were absolutely adorable!!

We are working to put together a pet photo shoot very soon!! Keep an eye out for the announcement!

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